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Candice Inc is a photographic artist who combines video, sound, performance, and installation. Her work focuses on the way that we process and recall visual information, how we work with visual cognition, memory, and language, and how we come to an understanding of ourselves through these investigations.  Candice received her BFA from Northern Michigan University and her MFA in Photography and Integrated Media from Lesley University. Over the past four years, she has taught at multiple institutions in the Chicago area as well as in Boston. She was recently awarded an Artist In Residence for L’AiR Art’s Atelier 11 - Inaugural Photography Residency in Paris, France where she was invited to be one of the last artists to create work in the original atelier of Cité Falguière in Montparnasse. She is currently an adjunct professor teaching in the Chicagoland area.



Instagram: @candicemarieinc






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