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She Knows Me Now

Throughout our lives, my mother and I were able to talk about anything unconditionally. The traumatic death of my father significantly altered this dynamic & we soon became strangers. Unable to recognize one another’s unique, emotional state, a foundation for empathy is at the mercy of visual expression when language had failed us so many times before. The truth is thus in the nude, on display within a forum of exposition where neither account of the deterioration of our relationship may exist without the other; a physical example of two sides to a story.


It is a struggle being an artist and a daughter. By having the video projections staged in the shower, we are reciting old arguments that caused the estranged relationship that we now share. She Knows Me Now is a test for us since the double-sided screen makes it so that my mother and I can never see each other, yet we are attempting to cleanse ourselves of our past differences.



Daughter  | Mixed Media Installation | Duration: (2:00) minutes | 2018


Mother  | Mixed Media Installation | Duration: (2:00) minutes | 2018

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